Police are warning people of the high cost of not locking their car doors as they get set to launch "Auto Crime Enforcement Month" in April across B.C.

Police say it is far too common for vehicles to be left unlocked and unattended making it easy for thieves to get in. If car doors are locked and valuables secured, this can prevent a crime from occurring.

"Over 60 per cent of vehicles in some jurisdictions were not locked," said Insp. Brian MacDonald, the officer in charge of the Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team.

MacDonald says that thieves will break a car window if necessary, but many would rather go for the easy score of an unlocked door.

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia says the cost of vehicle break-ins and vehicle crime adds up.

"Last year stolen vehicles cost ICBC customers approximately $52 million and vehicle break-ins anther $17 million.

Along with the announcement came the I.M.P.A.C.T.'s list of the top 10 auto crime offenders:

  • Ante Dragusica
  • Heather Dunne
  • Alvin Favel
  • Michael Gabriel
  • Veronica Kane
  • Eric Levitt
  • Kao MacAulay
  • Brian McDonald
  • Alexander Smith
  • Darris Watroba

Police say that eight of the ten have already been apprehended, and expect the other two to be caught soon.