A CTV News cameraman by night, David Newcomb's time-lapse video of Vancouver is primed to go viral right when the world's eyes turn to the city for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Newcomb and his twin brother Dan crafted the high-definition video almost eight months ago. It sat dormant until a Vancouver company, Innerlife Project, approached them to buy the footage and promote it to tourism agencies.

“We were sitting on it for months because of the downward economy and now with the Olympics coming people are getting excited,” he told ctvbc.ca.


Their video is now matched with a song about Vancouver; something Newcomb says is a perfect fit.

“It’s just a great song and we wanted to get on board. Once we heard the music we thought it would be a crime not to do it.”

Newcomb says the video is set to go viral. He’s already been approached by a tourism agency wanting to use the footage and expects thousands of people to view it by the end of the day.

Always the one behind the camera, Dave says the attention is a little strange.

“Sometimes people say they don’t want to go on camera and I tell them that I totally understand. But it’s actually pretty cool,” he laughs.

If you want to buy a copy of the video follow this link to the Innerlife website.