VANCOUVER -- Haven't got your Vancouver Aquarium or Whitecaps face mask yet? You're not alone.

A spokesperson for the MLS team behind the initiative to save the cash-strapped tourist attraction said they've had to step up production and shipping efforts.

The masks went on sale in April, after the aquarium made public its struggle to stay afloat financially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The facility that relies largely on ticket and concession sales had to close its doors due to physical distancing guidelines, and said it was struggling to meet the costs associated with the animals in its care.

Together with the Vancouver Whitecaps, the aquarium started to sell face masks online, featuring branding from both local institutions.

The masks were so popular that sales reached $1 million in just one weekend. About 25,000 masks sold on the first day alone.

But it appears it was hard to keep up with demand. Some who'd put in their orders in April still haven't received their masks by June.

In an emailed statement to CTV News Monday, a spokesperson for the MLS team behind the fundraising initiative said they've had to adjust their plan.

The Whitecaps said more than 130,000 masks have now sold, but only about 107,000 have been completed.

About 82,000 of those have actually shipped.

The team says it's started to work with a "number" of local companies to increase production. Manufacturers previously dealing with reduced staffing due to COVID-19 have been able to bring some employees back, and staff from the Whitecaps and the Aquarium have volunteered, the club says.

It said 8,000 masks were shipped Monday, thanks to the ramped up production plan.