A Langley man is hoping others’ generosity will help him become a father before terminal cancer takes his life.

Edgar Vasquez was only 29-years-old and about to be married to his wife, Margarita, when a visit to the doctor for stomach problems revealed the life-changing disease.

“They discovered it was cancer, and it was stage three and very advanced,” Vasquez said. “They said ‘we have to do surgery as soon as possible, we don’t know what’s going to happen. Please put your affairs together and be sure to arrange funerals and everything.”

The couple cancelled the big family wedding they'd planned in light of the discovery, tying the knot in a small civil service instead.

“It felt shocking because you’re planning something happy and then this happens,” Margarita said. “You don’t want to believe it. You say ‘I’m going to close my eyes and it’s going to go away,’ but no.”

Now at 32, Edgar has been told by doctors he could live anywhere from another year – to mere days.

Before he dies, he has one final wish.

“I really want Margarita to have the opportunity to be a mom. I really want the opportunity to be a dad. This is my last wish…I want something to hold, love, something tangible that she can say ‘This is a little piece of Edgar with me all the time,” he said, holding back tears. “If somebody can help us that would be really nice.”

Edgar froze his sperm shortly after the diagnosis, and his stomach had to be removed as a result of the cancer.

Because the nutritional supplements he now depends on are so expensive, the couple has no money to pay for in vitro fertilization treatments, which cost $10,000, not including related medications.

Friends and acquaintances have donated nearly $3,000 via Facebook and the rest still needs to be raised before the couple can even think of completing IVF treatments. Still, Edgar isn’t discouraged.

“So many times I’ve been told I’m going to die. So many times I was so bad in pain in the hospital. But if I’m here and talking with you and everybody and my family enjoying this day, I have to do this. I cannot just give up.”

Edgar and Rita have also set up a website to help them fulfill their dream of having a child. Click here to donate.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Penny Daflos