VANCOUVER -- The Better Business Bureau has released its annual rankings of the top 10 complaints and inquiries regarding various B.C. industries.

Nearly 4,100 complaints were filed over the past year. Credit repair services made up almost 600 of them, beating out parking facilities and airlines.

For consumer inquiries — loans, plumbers and roofing contractors rounded out the top three for 2019. 

"Consumers tend to have the most issues with and the greatest concern about things that directly affect their finances, whether it is them borrowing money or managing debt," said Karla Laird, manager of community & public relations at BBB serving Mainland B.C.

"However, it is concerning that in many of the complaints, consumers reported feeling pressured and misled into accepting contracts and loans without fully understanding the details and obligations." 

Complaints related to credit repair services included issues with customer service and difficulty speaking to a representative once fees were paid — as well as failure to deliver on the services and guaranteed results that were originally advertised. BBB ranks this industry as particularly high-risk, due to the level of negative exposure it receives from consumers. 

Top 10 complaints

  1. Credit repair services: 589
  2. Parking facilities: 481
  3. Airlines: 197
  4. Electronic equipment dealers: 180
  5. Loans: 172
  6. Online retailer: 168
  7. Swimwear: 166
  8. Collections agencies: 153
  9. New car dealers: 147
  10. Moving companies: 138

Top 10 inquiries

  1. Loans: 60,504
  2. Plumbers: 57,284
  3. Roofing contractors: 53,038
  4. General contractor: 50,654
  5. Home improvement: 46,615
  6. Moving companies: 42,514
  7. Home builders: 31,438
  8. Heating contractors: 31,190
  9. Collections agencies: 31,030
  10. Painting contractors: 29,514

More than two million people consult BBB, to find trustworthy businesses and service providers in the province.