An internationally renowned musician is calling for tighter security around the domestic arrivals baggage area at Vancouver International Airport after her prized dance shoes and other performance equipment was taken there last Sunday.

B.C. based Celtic fiddle and step dance performer Jocelyn Pettit had just returned from Scotland via Toronto when the theft took place.

“I got off the plane as quickly as I could. I went straight to the baggage carousel area and waited for my bag, I was watching the luggage chute for my bag and after 40 minutes it hadn’t arrived,” said Pettit. “I talked to the airport operations staff and then the police came to the scene and they checked the video and saw that a suspect had come up, taken two bags, had approached from the non-passenger direction, took the bags and left.”

“I was told that this happens often at domestic arrivals, which is ridiculous.” Pettit added.

She said she would like to see YVR step up its security protocols around the baggage area. That would involve a checkpoint where baggage receipt tags are checked against the tags on the luggage, something that is done in other airports around the world.

Pettit recently performed for Her Majesty the Queen and other members of the Royal family. She was returning to Vancouver for a number of concerts, including one slated for this Sunday in Surrey. The loss has left her scrambling to replace the tools of her craft.

“So this week has been stressed, a big scramble trying to get all the equipment that I need," Pettit said. "I have been renting and borrowing gear for tomorrow. But its definitely been a hassle and a huge burden."

The step dance shoes had been crafted for her in New York and have an acoustic uniqueness that she had desired for her music.

But the show goes on. Jocelyn Pettit will perform Sunday at the Surrey Fusion Festival at the SFU stage.