I'm no speed demon, but I have an active life, and I'm pretty healthy.

I don't smoke. I exercise. And I've lived in Vancouver most of my life, a city that's constantly being touted for its healthy lifestyles.

I try to cook meals that are healthy -- I'd say 20 per cent of the food my family eats is organic.

I stay away from pre-packaged food, and despite what my two kids want, junk food is kept to a minimum.

As an anchor for CTV News, I sometimes talk about danger, but being in the newsroom isn't exactly a hazardous environment.

So imagine my surprise when we tested my body for chemicals with Environmental Defence, an environmental lobby group -- and we found a virtual periodic table of elements.

The chemicals were ones associated with cancer, developmental problems, and damage to my nervous system.

And on this list included one of industry's most fearsome chemicals: the pesticide DDT.

DDT is a pesticide that was sprayed widely after 1939 to kill mosquitoes. But what the scientific community didn't discover for 20 years was that DDT was poisoning the environment and being a hazard to human health.

It was banned in the 1970s -- but apparently it's still here.

"There's lots of residual DDT in the food we eat, import, and there's still DDT in the environment," said Aaron Freeman, the policy director of Environmental Health.

The news is a little unsettling. Tomorrow, I'll tell you what other chemicals we found - and what else we discovered in our search for the Toxic Truth.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Mi-Jung Lee