Most of us are aware of the dangers of drinking and driving, but researchers have found driving while hungover can be just as dangerous. That’s why Ford has created a hangover simulation suit to educate drivers and give them insight into the growing issue of driving while hungover.

“People think that once they've slept a couple of hours that they're ready to take the wheel again," said Christine Hollander, Ford Canada spokesperson.

But that’s not always the case. European researchers have found drivers with blood alcohol levels of .05 performed better than those hungover with no alcohol in their blood. It has to do with residual effects that affect concentration and alertness.

Weighing 17 kilograms, the suit includes goggles that give you double vision, headphones playing pulsing music to mimic a headache, a vest and ankle weights that affect balance and slow movements, all coming together to create a hangover simulation.

Hollander says putting young drivers into the suit really wakes them up.

"They question is this really how I’m going to operate a vehicle, is this how my body reacts? And it really scares them," she said.

While the Vancouver Police Department couldn’t comment on the validity of the suit, it did tell CTV News in an email statement, “If your heads not behind the wheel, your body shouldn’t be either.”

You can check out the hangover suit at the Vancouver Auto Show which runs until April 2nd. It's the third year Ford has tried out different suits. It also has a drunk driving suit and a suit that mimics driving while on drugs.