VANCOUVER -- Marcus Magalowski can easily recount the moments leading up to the terrifying decision to jump out of a window as flames engulfed his home.

The Langley man escaped a house fire in Langley by jumping out of his bedroom window on Boxing Day.

“There was a light coming from the living room and I heard a crackling noise," said Magalowski, who wasn't asleep long before he woke up to the fire.

He and two women were inside the home when flames broke out just past midnight on Saturday. 

The two women were able to evacuate through a door, but Magalowski did not have that option. The fire and smoke had trapped him in a bedroom. 

“I stuffed a towel underneath the door to prevent the smoke (from coming further into the room),” he said.

“I panicked for a little bit and then right away I opened my window and jumped out," he said. 

The window was 5 feet from the ground.

“I just jumped out, and I’m glad I’m alive. I went into the backyard and just watched the house burn from there," Magalowski said. 

“The heat was so intense."

“A few minutes after that, the flames were in my room,” he said.

Magalowski is among four people who have been displaced due to the fire, and two family dogs, an 8-year-old German shepherd named Bullet and an 8-year-old blue nose pitbull named Luna, are still missing.

“Given the amount of fire in the house it is extremely fortunate to have no casualties,” said Assistant Fire Chief Andy Hewiston with Township of Langley Fire Department. 

“The fire was through the roof by the time crews got on scene.” 

Kim Lennon, 61, said she was sleeping in the home before she awoke to the sound of a fire alarm and suffocating smoke.

“I screamed at everyone to get out,” she said from a nearby hotel where she is now staying.

“I could hear ‘boom boom boom’ and I told everybody to get away from the house because I didn’t know if it was going to blow,” Lennon added. 

Lennon was inside the home with her sister Tracey Lennon and Magalowski. 

Her son Thomas Bennett, is the owner of the house, and said the home was looted on Sunday.