If your New Year’s resolution to exercise more has already been broken, all hope is not lost. Two Vancouver fitness experts have developed an exercise routine that’s too simple to ignore and it only takes nine minutes.

Fitness coach Nick Middleton and his business partner Phil Wittmer run Westcoast Strength and Movement. Their nine-minute workout includes nine exercises to be done for one minute each, with breaks in between. The best part: it can be done anywhere.

Lower body exercises


From a standing position sit down getting the hips past 90 degrees, feet flat with knees tracking in line with the toes.

Elevate your heels for ease. Raise the arms for difficulty.



Take a step forward, then lunge forward until you reach 90 degrees at both knees.

A wall makes the move easier or use a step to make it difficult.


Dead lift

From a standing position with your leg slightly bent and foot flat, lift your other leg backward. You want to hinge at the hips with a nice neutral pelvis and then come straight back all the way down.

Again brace with the wall for ease or grab a weight to make the move more difficult.


Upper body exercises

Push up

For an easier push up drop the knees, for more advanced elevate the feet.

push up

Wall Angel

Lie on the floor, with your knees bent up and feet flat. Make sure your lower back is in contact with the floor. Put flat against the floor and slide them overhead, keeping the arms in contact with the floor the whole time.

For an easier exercise, face a wall, or make it more difficult by putting your back against the wall.

wall angel

Core Exercises

Mountain Climber

In plank position raise your leg and pull it inwards. To make it easier just raise your leg. For more difficulty, drive the knee in and rotate it.

mountain climber

Forearm Plank

Create a plank movement with your forearms down. Put your knees down for more ease, or hold the position longer for a greater challenge.


Dead bug

Lie on your back with your arms vertical. Bend the knees so they’re at 90 degrees. Your lower back should be in contact with the floor. Extend opposite limbs down, not losing that lower back contact and then switch opposite limbs.

Bend your knees and just tap your heel for ease or have your hands and legs straight up for more difficulty.


Side plank

Finally, create a side plan by leaning on one forearm and stacking the hips and ankles in a nice straight line.

Keep your knee on the ground for ease or elevate your heels for a more difficult plank.


Pick your version of each exercise and do it for one minute, with two minute breaks in between and you’ve got yourself a full body workout without excuses.

"The simplest way is to provide people with an exercise routine they can do at home that avoids all the typical objections or obstacles that they're facing," explained Middleton.