Vancouver police's Sgt. Sandra Glendinning often shares powerful incidents from her policing career on Twitter – but her post from Saturday afternoon has picked up the most attention.

Glendinning writes about an incident where she pulled over a female impaired driver that was travelling with damage to her vehicle. 

"She passed me dragging one tire sideways," Glendinning writes. 

The officer describes getting to the driver's window to discover a distraught child in the vehicle. 

"I get to her window. Before I can say anything, the eight-year-old passenger starts yelling," Glendinning said.

According to Glendinning's tweet the child said, "Thank God you pulled us over! I thought we were all going to die!"

CTV News was told by Vancouver Police Department that Glendinning will not be commenting on the investigation.

Glendinning later posted an update.

"The driver was arrested and charged with impaired driving, and officers ensured the safety of the child," she said.

Neither Glendinning nor the VPD have said where and when this incident took place. Glendinning also said B.C.'s Ministry of Child and Family Development was notified of this case.