A “disturbing” video posted on Facebook by a concerned mom has prompted a local gymnasium to fire one of its employees.

The nearly minute long video, shot at Funtopia in Surrey, shows a young girl crying as she clings to a climbing wall.

Meanwhile, a 19-year-old female employee sitting metres away ignores the youngster while she texts on her phone.

The video was shot and posted by the little girl’s mother.

In a social media post, the four-year-old’s mother said she shut down the climbing session as soon as she finished taking the video.

“It broke my heart not to run and help my daughter right away. But I needed to capture this as evidence,” she wrote, adding that the supervisor was “shocked” when she shared the video.

Funtopia says they’ve fired the employee, who broke at least three rules at the facility.

Responding to the video post, Funtopia called the video “disturbing” and “not normal.”

“I can assure you that she will not work a single minute more in our location,” they wrote.