A group of teenagers visiting Canada from Brazil were assaulted aboard the 95 B-Line bus Sunday evening.

The incident was captured on video by News 1130 reporter Lauren Boothby –- whose twitter thread explained, “I just witnessed a racist assault by this woman on a teenage girl.”

"She smashed her backpack into the teen’s face as she was getting off the bus," Boothby said in her tweet.

The video has more than 650 retweets and almost 200 comments."

"I’m really shocked to see this," Tom Dumbrell tweeted in response.

"What would compel someone to be so abrasive and vulgar against another human being," added John Park.

Boothby explained in her tweet the woman who physically assaulted the teenager appeared to be upset the group was speaking in Portuguese and not English.

In Boothby’s video the woman is seen walking off but not before launching her backpack towards someone seated on the left side of the bus,

Transit Police are investigating the incident and are interested in identifying the woman involved to hear her side of the story.

However Sgt. Clint Hampton explained the victim is leaving the country soon and would not be interested in returning to Canada to testify in court.