A 17-year-old boy remains in hospital after being shot in the neck at a Surrey, B.C. townhouse complex Wednesday night. 

The underage victim was driven to Surrey Memorial Hospital by his brother after being shot in the area of Prince Charles Boulevard and 96th Avenue, not far from the Cedar Hills Shopping Centre.

The motive remains unclear, but the RCMP believe the shooting was preceded by a minor crash in the townhouse complex's parking lot.

"Investigators believe a light coloured Jeep Wrangler drove into a grey Toyota Sienna and then the driver of the Jeep fired a gun into the Sienna. Both vehicles then quickly left the area," Surrey RCMP said in a news release.

Investigators have ruled out road rage as the motive, but also said there's nothing to suggest the shooting is tied to the city's ongoing gang conflict. They have described the incident as "targeted and isolated."

After the victim arrived at Surrey Memorial, the emergency room was put on lockdown as police responded to several 911 calls about the gunfire.

Authorities said the teenager's injuries are serious, but not life-threatening.

Officers managed to find a Wrangler a few blocks away from the shooting scene and arrest a 32-year-old suspect. Both the Wrangler and Sienna were seized for the RCMP's investigation.

Investigators are still working to determine whether the suspect and victim knew each other. The victim's cousin, who stepped out of the Sienna moments before the Jeep crashed into it, told CTV News both the brothers stay out of trouble.

"They're good kids – soccer kids. No criminal records," said the cousin, who did not want to be named. "I think it's just the wrong person, that's what I'm thinking. Just wrong place, wrong time kind of thing."

The family said the brothers were coming home from a prayer service when the shooting happened.

With files from CTV Vancouver's Sheila Scott and Allison Hurst