A teenager in ICBC's graduated licensing program has been charged with excessive speeding after police allegedly caught him going 107 km/h over the speed limit in Abbotsford.

Authorities said the 18-year-old driver, who has an "N" licence, was clocked going 187 km/h down Highway 11 on the evening of July 4.

The stretch of highway where he was nabbed, near Clayburn Road, has a limit of 80 km/h.

Under B.C. law, the faster you go, the harsher the penalties; drivers who are caught breaking the posted speed limit by 40 km/h or more automatically receive three ICBC demerit points and can be fined up to $483.

That's more than three times the $138 fine drivers face for breaking the limit by 20 km/h.

Police warn that zooming around at high speeds can make it impossible to safely respond to unexpected hazards on the road. According to ICBC, a car going 110 km/h can take a full 126 metres to come to a full stop.

"You may think you're in control at these high speeds, but should you need to take evasive action, or react to another driver, you may find yourself unable to respond effectively," Sgt. Desi Sansalone said in a statement. "The results can be deadly."

Police said the teenager caught last week was behind the wheel of an Audi A3, which was towed away and impounded for a week.

Beyond being charged with excessive speeding, the young man will have his licence reviewed by the Superintendent of the Motor Vehicle Branch.

Police said there was a 17-year-old passenger in the car with him, which is allowed under ICBC's rules for "N" drivers.