One of the teen psychopaths responsible for the brutal murder of Kimberly Proctor claims to be a former sex addict who suppressed his desires and replaced them with role-playing video games, according to transcripts of police interrogations.

In a nine-hour interview with RCMP on June 20, 2010, 17-year-old Cameron Moffat was reluctant to give specific details of his involvement in the rape and killing of the 18-year-oldVancouver Island girl.

But he gave his interrogators explicit information about his personal life, claiming that he was once a sex addict who had intercourse as many as 30 times in one day.

"A while ago, before I started to develop my own control um, I used to enjoy sex," Moffat says.

"It's the closest thing I have to an addiction."

Then he discovered that his girlfriend was cheating on him and he "built a wall," suppressing his emotions and losing his enthusiasm for sex.

"Now sex just isn't what it is .... Like, I would rather play Warcraft than go and have sex with someone ‘cause it's just not special," he says.

"Playing Warcraft is just as good as going and having sex. It doesn't mean anything."

Moffat and his accomplice, 16-year-old Kruse Wellwood, were both enthusiastic players of World of Warcraft, an online fantasy game popular across the globe. Police obtained chats between the two boys and with other players in the game as part of their investigation.

In his interviews with police, Moffat admits that he discussed different techniques for murder with "over a dozen people" before finally following through when he and Wellwood killed Proctor on March 18, 2010.

"I've had conversations and she's like, how would you kill me?" he says of one discussion with an unnamed girl. "We had like a six-hour conversation on, y'know, her asking me how I would, y'know, go and kill her."

When those fantasies became reality, Moffat and Wellwood lured Proctor to Wellwood's home, where they stuffed a sock in her mouth and sexually assaulted her for hours.

Moffat tells police in his interview that Proctor died by asphyxiation when Wellwood placed a bag over her head and strangled her. The boys placed the body in a freezer overnight before carrying it in a duffel bag on a public bus, dumping it near a public trail and then setting it on fire.

"I wouldn't exactly always say [it was] fun but it was interesting," Moffat tells police of the murder.

Harry Potter and Hagrid

Moffat reveals intimate details of his friendship with Wellwood in the interrogation tapes, as well as the dynamic between the two on the day of the murder.

Moffat repeatedly blames the other boy for the grisly attack, saying Wellwood forced him to rape Proctor while she was tied up.

"He said that openly, like, told me, I'm gonna incriminate myself in this, you have to incriminate yourself, too," Moffat says.

"He's fuckin' nuts, y'know, obviously if he's capable of this, y'know, I don't wanna piss him off."

Moffat says that he's always been obedient and submissive to authority, because it's the best way to protect himself.

"By listening to what I'm told, it's always kept me safe. So, you know, when I don't know what to do, listening to what I was told has always been my answer."

One of his interrogators, Sgt. Mark Davidson, argues that it's hard to believe the much-smaller Wellwood was ordering the burly Moffat around.

"If we're gonna say he's Harry Potter you'd be kinda the Hagrid," Davidson says.

"I just don't know how palatable to any reasonable thinking human being it's gonna be that someone of a slight frame, two years younger than you, that looks about as threatening as Harry Potter, is actually, y'know, forced to have discussions on the Internet to, y'know, plan this event and carry you along."

In fact, Moffat says, his nickname is Hagrid.

But he insists that Wellwood was the mastermind behind Proctor's murder.

"Like, honestly if I was gonna commit a murder, it'd look nothing like this," Moffat says.

He describes Wellwood as "kinda like my brother," and says that he loves him like he loves his mother and sister.

But that love doesn't stop Moffat from divulging personal details about Wellwood's sex life to police, telling them that the younger boy is bisexual. "He has this thing for Will Smith," Moffat says.

He also complains that Wellwood is "anal about spelling, like he's got kicked out of Guild on Warcraft ‘cause he just pisses people off."

In online chat transcripts released earlier this week, Wellwood corrects Moffat's spelling on several occasions.

Moffat and Wellwood were sentenced as adults in the Proctor murder, receiving life in prison with no chance of parole for 10 years.