Two days before he brutally raped and murdered Kimberly Proctor, Kruse Wellwood told an online friend that he was thinking about killing someone for "giggles."

According to a transcript of a March 16, 2010 chat, 16-year-old Wellwood asked an unnamed friend, "What would your opinion be on me if I killed, raped, or brutalized someone?"

The friend answered, "I'd be pissed at you," but then asked who and why Wellwood was planning to murder.

"Random person. Shits and giggles," Wellwood answered.

On March 18, 2010, Wellwood and 17-year-old Cameron Moffat lured 18-year-old Proctor to Wellwood's house, where they gagged her with a sock, raped her, mutilated her with a knife and then suffocated her.

The boys placed the body in a freezer overnight before carrying it in a duffel bag on a public bus, dumping it near a public trail and then setting it on fire.

Five days after the murder, Wellwood apparently confessed what he had done to the same unnamed friend in a chat on the popular role-playing videogame World of Warcraft.

Immediately after the confession, in a chat on MSN, the friend asks Wellwood, "when you asked me before, had you already done it, or just had it planned?"

But he or she also assures the young murderer, "I'll always be here, no matter what you do."

Wellwood and Moffat mistakenly believed that police did not have access to their chats on World of Warcraft.

In his June 20, 2010 police interrogation, Moffat was surprised to learn they had been misinformed, after he told officers that the company behind the videogame, "wouldn't even give it to the Canadian military if they asked."

Both teens have been sentenced as adults to life in prison with no chance of parole for 10 years.

Murder runs in the family for Wellwood, whose father Robert Dezwaan is currently in prison for killing 16-year-old Cherish Oppenheim in 2001.