NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. -- Modern dentistry has evolved tremendously.

State-of-the-art technology that is being incorporated in dental practices equates to higher precision and patient comfort.

Dr. Farzin Ghannad and Dr. Farzan Ghannad are periodontic specialists at Northshore Perio Implant Centre. On CTV Morning Live they explained that the technology they use in their practice has benefits for both patients and themselves as doctors.

Dental implants are one of their specialities.

For those dealing with loose or missing teeth, traditionally bridges or dentures would be the route most patients would go, but dental implants are a great option for suitable candidates.

They are very strong and durable and, if properly planned, can last many years.

At Northshore Perio Implant Centre the team is able to use digital scans to accurately map out the best treatment option.

Patients are able to see exactly what the finished product will entail and look like prior to the procedure.

This provides enhanced patient comfort as they get to be a partnership in their care through every step of the way.

Check out the full video from CTV Morning Live to learn how state of the art technology has transformed modern dentistry.