A Surrey, B.C. high school teacher has been reprimanded for drinking before a dry grad event, showing off his muscles to students and other questionable behaviour. 

Edward Robert Lefurgy was tasked with dealing blackjack at the casino-themed grad party, which was held at a Vancouver hotel in June 2017. 

But the issues started before he actually entered the event, according to a disciplinary decision posted by the B.C. Commissioner for Teacher Regulations.

In an agreed-upon statement of facts, the decision says Lefurgy met a parent at the hotel bar and had a couple drinks before heading into the dry grad party.

Once inside, he ran into another parent, and after finding out who her son was, laughed and asked: “Is he even graduating?” The mother asked for Lefurgy's name, but he gave her the name of a different teacher.

He went on to make a series of inappropriate comments at the blackjack table, according to the decision. When a female student said “hit me,” he responded with: “It would be uncomfortable for both of us if I hit you but I am pleased to give you a card.”

Lefurgy told another student’s date: “Your boyfriend’s alright looking, but you could do better.” He repeatedly lifted up the sleeve of his shirt, instructing students to look at his muscles, and even challenging one to an arm wrestle.

At one point, he also began chanting the name of a school basketball player but finished it off with “is awkward.”

School District No. 36 filed a report to the commissioner last year regarding Lefurgy’s actions that night. They issued him a letter of discipline and suspended him without pay for two days.

Lefurgy was also instructed to complete a “Reinforcing Respectful Professional Boundaries” course from the Justice Institute of British Columbia. Lefurgy completed the course and has since apologized to those affected.