What started as a driving lesson near Whistler ended as a cautionary tale for everyone behind the wheel.

Dashboard camera footage from a driving school vehicle caught another driver's frustration, which in turn netted that driver hundreds of dollars in fines.

The video was captured on Highway 99 between Pemberton and Whistler last summer as driving school owner Todd McGivern worked with a student.

As the student drove, a vehicle began tailgating their car.

"It's hard to tell from the footage because of the fish-eye lens but really she was within feet from us for quite some time," the instructor said.

McGivern can be heard telling his student to slow down, then speed up enough to create some space behind them. But the tactic didn't ease the other driver's frustration.

"She didn't give it up. She kept chasing behind as close as she could," he told CTV News.

"She took out her cellphone at one time, taking pictures of us."

Eventually, the driver passed the car at an intersection.

Then the driver herself called police to complain about the incident, McGivern said. When he was called by police, he offered up his dash cam footage.

"She got charged from her own phone call," he said.

The driver was charged with using an electronic device and changing lanes over a solid line. Altogether, the penalties total $477 and six demerit points.

Const. Jeff Palmer with the West Vancouver Police Department said dash cam video can provide useful evidence in these types of cases, depending on what the footage shows.

"It has that advantage of being the incontrovertible independent view of it," he told CTV.

The driver tried to get an adjournment on the traffic case but the request was denied by a judge, who ordered her to pay up.

As for the student, McGivern said, "she passed with flying colours."