A spa owner in Fort Langley says she'll have to rebuild her business almost from scratch after a driver crashed into it Saturday night.

"It went right from the very front to the very end of the entire business," said Sandra Jimenez, owner of Su Casa Spa and Laser, of the crash. "Pretty much everything's ruined."

The business is located on Glover Road, at its intersection with 96 Avenue. The SUV drove through the store's front wall and came to a stop near the back of the store, destroying numerous pieces of equipment inside the store along the way.

"We have to completely redo the spa again," Jimenez said. "My main concern right now is none of that, really. I'm concerned about my staff. I have nine girls that depend on this job. You know, it's a small community. Everybody comes here. I'm concerned about my staff and clients."

Jimenez said the store took roughly six months to set up when she first opened. She said she's hopeful she can reopen sooner than that, and that insurance will help cover her staff members' lost pay in the meantime.

No one was inside the store at the time of the crash, and the driver also walked away uninjured, Jimenez said, adding that she believed the driver may have been intoxicated.

"It's a good thing that nobody got hurt," she said. "There's nobody here, but you know, you just turned my life upside down."