June 5 update: Dog found in DTES after being stolen from SkyTrain station

Police are searching for a woman who was caught on camera carrying a stolen dog out of a Metro Vancouver SkyTrain station last week.

The dog, an 11-year-old Brussels Griffon-Chihuahua cross named Jackson, was tied up outside New Westminster Station when someone walked up and took him Friday evening.

One of the owners told CTV News he went into the Shoppers Drug Mart at the station for just a few minutes and returned to find their beloved pet missing. Only Jackson's leash was left behind.

"I came back out and the dog was already gone," Alex Peters told CTV News. "Police pulled the security cameras from TransLink, found the lady walk up, pick up the dog and walk off."

Peters and his partner, Gillian Swartz, have been worried sick ever since, and spent the last few days handing out hundreds of fliers in the hopes of finding their dog.

He said Jackson has some minor health issues, including a hip problem that flares up if he gets too much exercise.

"He's just an old boy," Peters said. "That's why we're extra concerned."

Police described the theft suspect as a white woman who is around 40 years old. Unfortunately, despite the surveillance video, they haven't had any luck identifying her yet.

Anyone with information on the woman's identity or Jackson's whereabouts is asked to contact the New Westminster Police Department.

Peters said he's hopeful the person who stole their dog, who they've had since he was a puppy, will do the right thing and return him.

"We're hoping for the best," he said. "We just want him back home safe."