VANCOUVER -- A man has been arrested in connection with a "stranger attack" reported over the weekend in Vancouver, police say.

A 57-year-old, who has not been publicly identified, was arrested early Thursday.

He has since been released on conditions until a court appearance. Vancouver police said the department would be recommending charges to Crown Counsel, but did not say what those charges may be.

The arrest followed an assault reported Saturday. A woman told police she was grabbed and assaulted by a stranger while walking in the city's West End.

The 24-year-old was assaulted as she walked home from shopping near Davie Street, police said. She reported that she was grabbed as she walked in Maxine Lane.

Earlier this week, officers released short video clips showing a man in dark clothing walking up an alleyway, then heading back in the other direction about a minute later.

The man's face is difficult to make out, but police asked anyone who might recognize him to come forward. 

Police did not provide any further information, but thanked the public for the help they provided in identifying their suspect.