VANCOUVER -- Since 2001 the population in Surrey has grown significantly, but the Children's Health Centre at Surrey Memorial Hospital has not.

The centre was built 20 years ago and as one can imagine that means that it is lacking some technological advancements that are available in modern society. Thousands of local families have to travel to Vancouver to see specialists since there is a lack of space to provide more outpatient clinics.

The Surrey Hospital Foundation has a goal of raising $6 million to transform the Children's Health Centre. The goal is to create a larger family-friendly space with more clinics for outpatients.

In addition they are planning a dedicated area for kids that need day care procedures. New gastroenterology and orthopedic clinics will be added in this renovation. There will also be expanded services for 11 other specialities.

The renovation and revitilzation of the Children's Health Centre at Surrey Memorial Hospital would not be possible without the generosity of donors and corporate community champions.

The renovation is underway already, which means the need is urgent.

Dr. Peter Chung and Dr. Stephanie Chung joined the show on CTV Morning Live to make a special announcement. They made a $1 million donation to the Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation.

Knowing that the new Children's Health Centre will mean better care for kids right within their community was incredibly important to them.

The Chungs lost their oldest child, who was autistic and had epilepsy. They witnessed first-hand the importance of having access to care within their community as they spent many years travelling into Vancouver for their children's health care needs.

The Chung family encourages others in the community to help the Surrey Hospital Foundation reach their $6 million goal and emphasized that every dollar helps.  

The Surrey Hospital Foundation aims to bring more of the best care closer to home.