VANCOUVER -- A Surrey city councillor says he received a "really troubling" death threat over Facebook, leading police to monitor his home.

Coun. Jack Hundial said he received a message on Monday while he was at home with his family. 

"I received an online threat through social media directed at me to essentially put a bullet in me," Hundial told CTV News.

"I looked at it and I did some risk assessment on it and it turns out this is actually, perhaps, a legitimate person on social media."

Hundial, who previously worked as a police officer, said the threat was very specific.

"I deem it to be a real and legitimate threat, and that the person had the ability and means to perhaps carry it out," he said.

Hundial said he didn't know who the person is and that he hasn't interacted with them before. He also said he doesn't know why he was targeted, but suggested there is a political divide in the city, especially over the transition from the RCMP to a municipal police force.

The councillor said the threat also referenced the prime minister. 

On Monday and Tuesday night, a police cruiser was parked outside Hundial's house.

"As soon as I received it I reported it to Surrey RCMP," Hundial said. "They're actively investigating it. So I hope they do find the individual and hold them accountable to this and proceed with charges."