VANCOUVER -- It is cold and flu season.

Many people are looking for ways to stay healthy and feel their best. One simple step that people can take to support their immune system is staying adequately hydrated.

Registered dietitian Abbey Sharp joined CTV Morning Live to share some of her favourite beverages.

Sharp highlighted Tetley Tumeric Echinacea tea.

This herbal tea is caffeine free. This tasty combination is a great pairing when wanting to stay cozy on a rainy winter day.

For those looking for a quick boost of hydration packed with vitamins, Sharp recommended blending up a smoothie.

Many people avoid using milk or dairy products as they can cause digestive issues or tummy troubles.

Sharp explained this is often not lactose causing the issue, but for a lot of people could be a unique protein found in most dairy products called the a1 protein.

Sharp recommended using an alternative called a2 milk, which is produced in Canada. The a2 milk is made by cows that exclusively produce the a2 protein.

To put together the smoothie, Sharp used fresh fruit, blueberries, spinach, banana, greek yogurt, a2 milk, nut butter and hemp hearts.

All that needs to be done is a quick blend and the smoothie is ready to enjoy.

One final hydration tip from Sharp was to jazz up water using a splash of citrus or bitters.

This adds a punch of flavour without a bunch of added ingredients.

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