Along with sunny, summer-like weather, the first day of spring appears to have an extra special treat in store for Metro Vancouverites: the final super moon of 2019.

Residents will be able to see what's known as a super "full worm moon" on Wednesday night. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, the moon will appear bigger and brighter than usual.

This March, the full moon will also reach its peak within four hours of the spring equinox, the almanac said. The two events have not taken place so closely together since 2000 and have not occurred on the same date since 1981.

The 'full worm' moon takes its name from a time when lunar cycles were used to track the season, according to the almanac. In March, the ground begins to soften enough for worms to start reappearing.

The March full moon is also known as a "full sap moon" – a reference to the time of year when sap starts to flow from maple trees.

Wednesday's super moon will be just one of several celestial spectacles will have been treated to in recent months.

In January, British Columbians got to witness a "super wolf blood moon," a total lunar eclipse that occurs at the same time as a super moon.