VANCOUVER -- Swimmers can once again take a dip at a popular beach in Vancouver's West End. 

Swimming and other water sports were briefly off-limits at Sunset Beach after high levels of E. coli were detected Saturday. 

Vancouver Coastal Health, which samples the water daily at beaches across Metro Vancouver, provided an update Thursday, saying the no swimming advisory has now been lifted.

A sample collected on Aug. 8 suggested the water had 1,375 parts of E. coli in 100 millilitres of water, which is more than three times the safe limit. 

“At Sunset Beach there have been two (recent) samples exceeding 400 E. coli/100 mL,” said VCH spokesperson Gillian Hobbs at the time.

High levels of E. coli can increase the risk of gastrointestinal illnesses, as well as skin, ear and eye infections. 

No swimming advisories remain in effect for Trout Lake in East Vancouver and Snug Cove Beach on Bowen Island for high levels of E. coli content.