As BCIT staff stage their latest of several recent strikes, some students could find themselves behind a term because of the recent job action.

Classes were cancelled at all BCIT campuses Monday as unionized workers picketed.

Staff plan to picket from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at all campuses except the aerospace and marine centres following unsuccessful negotiations with the provincial government.

All full-time, part-time and night classes are cancelled, and the job action could have serious consequences for some students.

The BCIT Faculty of Staff Association (FSA) said students in nursing, part-time studies and other areas are expected to lose their terms.  

“We made proposals to BCIT to save the term for these students. BCIT rejected them and did not advance their own ideas to ensure students can complete their courses,” said FSA president Teresa Place.

The association said last week BCIT is ready to offer a new contract containing a four per cent raise over two years but the provincial government has refused to allow the offer to proceed.