Are you feeling a cold coming on? Need a boost to give you a little more energy? What would you say to an injection? A new Yaletown spa is offering a unique menu of vitamin cocktails designed to give your body an intravenous pick-me-up. 

The IV Wellness Boutique has just opened shop in the trendy Vancouver neighbourhood. Clients can choose from a menu of 20 vitamin therapies from an anti-aging drip called "Eternal Youth" to a night after cure dubbed "The Hang Over."

"Many people can benefit from it, so anyone from the person that's tired and burnt out to the person that's hormonally imbalanced, to the person that's suffering from anxiety," said Dr. Heidi Rootes, naturopathic doctor the IV Wellness Boutique. 

Chad Cole is having a vitamin IV therapy called "Go the Distance" designed for athletes.

"I'm getting it because of a knee injury that just keeps nagging, and it's causing me to play less hockey and run less," said Cole.

Stacey Rae is looking for an instant energy boost.

"I'm getting the Burnout IV treatment mostly because I work a lot and I'm just looking for something to pick up me," said Rae.

The IV drip delivers a concentrated dose of preservative free vitamins, and bypasses the digestive tract allowing for maximum absorption.

Dr. Rootes says most patients feel the benefits immediately.

"They leave here feeling significantly better,” she said, “They feel like, ‘oh, you know what? My nose has cleared and my immune system feels a little better, or my energy is a little bit better." 

Some doctors say IV drips are unnecessary, unless the body has trouble absorbing vitamins, and that nutrients are meant to be ingested and digested.

But others, like Kelly Murphy, are believers.

"Immediately afterwards you do feel good. It goes directly into your system, bypasses the digestive system and it actually works," said Murphy. 

The cost ranges from $125 for a 40-minute vitamin recharge called "The Quickie" to $175 dollars for a custom IV solution made just for you.

High levels of vitamins can be toxic, so it’s important to make sure you're getting the therapy from a medical professional.