FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. - A kitten that SPCA officials in Fort St. John, B.C., says has the skills of Spider-Man is about to receive surgery to help it recover from an abusive start to life.

North Peace SPCA spokeswoman Candace Buchamer says the little tabby was brought in on July 23 after a motorist in northeastern B.C. saw something thrown from the vehicle ahead.

Since then, Buchamer says the kitten has been named Peter Parker for its climbing abilities.

But she says the cat suffered a severe injury to its left front leg, which has now atrophied and dangles from the shoulder.

Veterinarians have waited to perform surgery to remove the leg until the cat was gained strength and was old enough to survive the procedure.

Buchamer says "Peter Parker" will soon be ready for adoption, and has used what she says are "spider-like climbing abilities" to keep up with other cats.

The BC SPCA is raising cash to pay the surgery costs.