Vancouverites living in high-rise apartment buildings are being warned to keep their cats safe after reports a number of felines have been injured or died from balcony falls.

Five cats have been brought to the BC SPCA in the past month who were hurt falling or jumping from balconies, including two that had to be euthanized.

“[They] were in such extreme distress with multiple injuries that we couldn’t save them. It is heartbreaking to think of the excruciating pain and suffering these cats must have endured,” said Jodi Dunlop, Vancouver branch manager.

One of the injured cats is Tandem, a five-month-old orange tabby that requires $4,650 in medical treatment after somehow falling off an eighth-story perch.

The kitten suffered a mandible fracture, broken jaw and its leg was broken in three places.

Like the other injured cats, Tandem was surrendered to the shelter by its owners because they could not afford the pricey medical treatment.

The animal welfare agency says pet owners believe that felines have great balance and always land on their feet, but’s not necessarily the case.

“All it takes is an unexpected gust of wind or a sudden noise to spook a cat for a potentially fatal fall to occur,” Dunlop said.

It’s hoping cat owners in apartments will heed its warning and pet-proof their balconies. It recommends enclosing the area so cats can’t fall through the bars or above the railing

The SPCA is appealing to the public for donations through its medical emergency fund to care for Tandem and the other injured animals.

Tandem will be up for adoption once he’s recovered.