A South Surrey mother is trying to find a woman she calls an "angel" to say thank you.

Sasha Risi has three children under the age of three and all were in the back seat of her car on Thursday. They were stuck in traffic on 152 Street when two-year-old Lyon became car sick and couldn’t breathe.

“I see his lips are turning blue and he’s really struggling, he’s choking and puking everywhere,” Risi said. “I knew right then and there, I have to do something now.”

But she was stuck in the left lane at an intersection and had nowhere to pull over. It was rush hour and pouring rain. Her motherly instincts took over so she put the car into park and jumped out, stopping traffic in the process.

“Cars are literally just detouring right beside us," Risi said. "It was a terrible situation and they’re just honking and giving me the middle finger. I’m whacking him on the back screaming and yelling asking for people to call 911.”

Amid all the panic, one person did stop. A nurse pulled in front of the car and offered to help.

“She was calling out all the things we needed to do and she just went into action and she was helping calm me,” Risi said. “When everything was under control, she helped clean up all the puke and even offered to drive me home.”

In all the chaos, Risi never got the woman’s name and now wants to find her.

“I’d love to meet her and hug her and say thank you," Risi said. "She really helped save my son’s life and she put herself at risk.”

She said the good Samaritan is an Indo-Canadian woman in her 20s, possibly early 30s, who drives a black Honda.

Risi can be found on Instagram @mylyonkingarmy