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'Socially awkward' dog gets 'pity party' after spending more than a year in a B.C. shelter

Emma is waiting for her future family to find her.

The German shepherd-cattle dog cross is the first dog in seven years to have been waiting at the Surrey Animal Resource Centre for more than a year.

To mark the occasion, the centre threw what it called a "pity party." It was more of a celebration for Emma, complete with plastic leis, cupcakes, party hats and a kiddie pool overflowing with toys. Emma appeared to enjoy her party, attended by "her friends at the shelter," but those at the centre say she'd rather be in her forever home, with a pile of toys she doesn't have to share.

The spayed, five-year-old female has called the shelter home since Aug. 1, 2021 – long enough that she thinks she's part of the staff, the centre said.

"She tries to be one of the cool kids, but she is always putting her 'paw in her mouth' and saying the wrong thing," staff wrote on Facebook

"Making new friends is hard."

Staff said she's made a few "acquaintances," but struggles with friendships.

She's alright on walks with other dogs, but finds large social gatherings overwhelming. Instead, Emma prefers to spend her time with adults, and "loves to lean in for snuggles with people she knows are not judging her for being socially awkward."

"If you dread going to parties and events, Emma understands and is happy to stay at home with you for cuddles instead," the shelter wrote, appealing to dog-loving introverts.

Emma loves her toys, and often carries one of her stuffed toys around in her mouth.

She's also not great with children, the shelter said, and it's unknown how she'd do in a home with cats.

She's described as "loyal to the core," and just hasn't found the right humans yet. Top Stories

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