Skin is the human bodies largest organ. Naturally through our lifestyle and environment our skin can be susceptible to damage and signs of aging. On CTV Morning Live we had the chance to chat with the team at Skinworks Dermapure. 

Dr. Adelyn Ho emphasized the importance of taking care of our skin after the harsh winter months. Cold air, low humidity and the wind all create challenges for our skin. These factors can cause irritation of the skin, change the texture and accentuate signs of aging. There are things you can do in your personal routine to help mitigate this like drinking lots of water and using a good moisturizer. Dr. Adelyn Ho says that as a plastic surgeon if the signs of aging and loss of volume are bothersome there are options available. Ho says injectables not only add to volume restoration, but they also have a secondary hydrating effect that many people may not be aware of. 

From there Dr. Marianna Snyman joined the show to chat about aging and our skin. She mentioned that new evidence shows that the aging process starts at twenty five. She explained that we age in multiple levels and that sun and genetics play a role. When exposed to factors like sunlight, the middle layer of our skin that has our collagen and our building blocks can age dramatically. Once menopausal years are reached our muscles and bone structure also change. As a physician injector Dr. Snyman explained a treatment called Ulthera can achieve a tightening and lifting effect with natural results and no surgery. Dr. Snyman explained this lifting and tightening corrective technology aims to trigger skin cell regeneration, gradually restore skin memory, and tighten underlying connective tissues.

Lastly, we chatted with Dermatologist Dr. Frances Jang on the importance of sunscreen. We have entered the time of year where the UV index climbs, but sunscreen is something that can be incorporated into your routine year round. Skinworks Dermapure has a variety of sunscreens available for all skin types and Dr. Jang said chemical free mineral sunscreens are a great option. Dr. Jang explained it is also no secret that sun damage can cause wrinkles and neuromodulators like Botox can be seen as a pairing to your skin care routine.