On CTV Morning Live Dr. Pavlou of Skin Technique in Vancouver joined us to chat about skin care and some of the latest treatments.

The first element discussed was the difference between drug store and medical grade skin care products.

Dr. Pavlou explained that when it comes to medical grade skin care products, there are a lot of clinical studies and research that go behind them. They also carry medical grade ingredients and concentrations that enhance their efficacy. Ultimately the goal for each patient is to give them healthier skin. Dr. Pavlou mentioned that when it comes to many drug store skin care lines they can be pricier due to celebrity endorsements and enhanced marketing behind them.

During our visit at Skin Technique we learned about collagen. Dr. Pavlou explained our skin consists of 80 per cent collagen, but as early as age 20 we start to lose one per cent of that collagen every year.

He said it is important to keep boosting and stimulating the collagen layers in the skin. He recommends MicroNeedling, which is also known as collagen induction therapy. Tiny needles are used to puncture the skin and cause a controlled injury. The controlled injury stimulates collagen and elasticity levels, which results in much healthier looking skin.

For the final segment of the morning, Dr. Wong joined us to chat about a trending treatment. Facial slimming is a popular treatment option for those that have a round or square shaped face that aim to achieve a more contoured look.

Dr. Wong explained that the muscle we use to chew can get bulky over time. Anti-wrinkle treatments can be injected into the muscle, which will shrink it leading to a V-shaped face. Dr. Wong mentioned that facial slimming can also be effective treating TMJ issues or headaches.

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