On CTV Morning Live I had the chance to meet Dr. Pavlou of Skin Technique in Yaletown. Many of us are familiar with the fact that medical aesthetics and skin care options exist, but we may not realize how much innovation has taken place in the industry. Dr. Pavlou has traveled extensively around the world to stay up to date on the latest technology and techniques.

During my visit throughout the morning show I had the chance to learn about the liquid facelift first. Dr. Pavlou explained that this is a non surgical procedure that can create a naturally rejuvenated appearance. We also discussed the wide range of laser treatments available. Personally I found this intriguing as I know I spent much of my early twenties exposing myself to an extensive amount of sunlight. Truth be told I was not particularly sun safe at that age. It was interesting to learn that some of the evidence of sun damage that is appearing as I age is treatable. One of the most popular options at Skin Technique is the use of the Halo Fractional Laser.

In the final segment of the day I learned about Coolsculpting. I have seen this treatment offered, but never had a strong understanding of how it worked. Two things I learned from Dr. Pavlou is that we are born with a certain number of fat cells in our lifetime and that is it. When we fluxuate in weight our fat cells are expanding or contracting. Coolsculpting treats fat cells by freezing or crystallizing them and then they die. The history of the invention of Coolscupting was quite fascinating and you can learn more by checking out the segment from CTV Morning Live.