A Facebook page asking for a U.S.-only shopping day at a Bellingham Costco has been taken down, but many Canadians and Americans still don’t “Like” the hateful message it sent.

The page, called “Bellingham Costco needs a special time just for Americans,” had over 2,300 likes before it was taken down Monday night and spurred heated cross-border banter since its creation in July.

Locals complained of long line-ups, crowded parking lots with poorly parked B.C. vehicles, and rude Canadians who buy up the Washington government-subsidized milk.

Comments on CTV British Columbia’s Facebook page criticized the page, calling it anti-Canadian and “just plain dumb.” Some pointed out the economic benefits of cross-border shopping, while others complained that high prices in Canada drives them south of the border to shop where prices are lower.

The debate sparked controversy, angry reactions and even racist remarks from both sides of the border.

Darren Maxam said “HEY CANADA FYI. we [sic] don't give a f**ing [sic] flip about your SUPPORTING our economy. You [sic] just shop here 'cause [sic] its [sic] cheaper and better selection. GO SUPPORT your OWN TANKING ECONOMY. BC [sic] is what [sic] $600 million in debt. and [sic] still paying for the Olympics?”

The page caused one outraged Canadian to create a spoof page called “Bellingham Costco needs a special time just for Canadians.” So far the page has garnered 112 likes.

A post reads “Though the original Facebook page that started all of this controversy is now gone; enjoy this spoof page at least until something else pulls our attention. Such as a celebrity getting arrested, bad calls by a referee/umpire, who will Pattinson date next, and/or Facebook pages that get likes for all the wrong reasons.”

The reactions also resulted in both Americans and Canadians criticizing their fellow citizens.

“The comments of Canadians on that site were also very anti-American. What started out as a (mostly) light hearted site became somewhat ugly, and canadian [sic] participants share the blame for that. And yes, I am a Vancouverite,” Jake Akerley wrote.

Robert Sz wrote “It was juvenile, so are a lot of these comments. That page didn't represent the city of Bellingham, just a bunch of whiny citizens. You can't control everyone and their opinions. It IS [sic] the Internet after all. Chill, people.”

The good news is that Costco plans to open another location in the area next year.