A Vancouver man says he’s lost some faith in humanity after brazen thieves used an axe to steal his expensive bike in broad daylight – while several people walked right by.

Raymond Lemieux, 66, said he locked up his high-end electric bicycle on Columbia Street in the city’s Downtown Eastside when he went to a dentist appointment at the Portland Community Clinic earlier this month. When he returned, it was gone.

“I mean, the lock’s broken lying on the ground, there’s a two by four, and I’ve got no bike now,” he said.

Lemieux didn’t have to wait too long to find out what happened – a nearby CCTV camera captured the entire dramatic theft.

He obtained the video, which shows three men smashing an axe against his bicycle U-lock for about two minutes until it breaks off. The men then quickly make off with the bike.

In the video, CTV News counted seven pedestrians who can be seen walking right past the theft-in-progress.

Nobody stopped or called authorities to report the incident, which Vancouver police later confirmed and called concerning.

“If someone’s not only stealing a bike, but using an axe to do so, obviously 911 is appropriate at that time and we want that phone call,” said Const. Brian Montague.

He said the bike has not yet been found and police have not taken a suspect into custody.

Needless to say, the experience has left Lemieux out a large sum of money – and utterly disheartened.

“I’m speechless to try and understand why it is that so many people could’ve walked by here and watched this occur, and not respond by either going into the nearby building…or even trying to call an officer,” he said.

“If I’d have seen it happening, obviously I’m not going to confront the individual…but I’d definitely be running to the street corner and screaming that somebody’s bike is being stolen, let’s do something.”

Admitting it’s unlikely the $1,400 bike will be found, Lemieux has bought another one.

He’s now urging anyone who sees a similar theft happening to put away their complacency and pick up a phone.

With a report from CTV British Columbia’s Scott Roberts