VANCOUVER -- Seventeen-year-old Callan Ashcroft has never had a teacher quite like Sheloah Klausen.

“She really goes out of her way to make everyone feel included,” said Ashcroft, who was in Klausen’s chemistry class at Argyle Secondary School in North Vancouver for two years.

“She’s just an amazing teacher,” Ashcroft said.

Klausen was one of seven victims attacked outside the Lynn Valley Library on Saturday afternoon, when police say a man with a knife repeatedly stabbed people ranging in age from their 20s to 70s, before turning the knife on himself.

The veteran science and math teacher was hospitalized.

On Sunday, her sister posted a photo on Facebook of Klausen in her hospital bed, with her head bandaged, a big smile, and a thumbs up.

Later that day, Klausen was released.

And on Monday, she was back at school, albeit for a brief visit, to show her fellow teachers she’d pulled through.

“That’s kind of who she is,” said North Vancouver School District superintendent Mark Pearmain.

“She’s very well-respected and loved by her colleagues, and wanted to make sure that folks knew that she was okay,” Pearmain said.

He confirmed the school has put together a drop box for students and staff who want to send Klausen well wishes.

Seventeen-year-old Caitlin Paterson, who also took chemistry with Klausen for two years, described her as “a fighter.”

“It really threw me for a loop,” said Paterson, when she learned her science teacher had been injured.

“I couldn’t image that someone would do this to such a lovely, incredible, kind person."

Klausen, who has a young daughter, is someone with a “bright and kind energy,” who always sought to make sure all students felt included, and who brought chemistry to life, Paterson added.

Now, after some time off to recover, Klausen will have the chance to bring what Paterson called her “incredible personality” to future students.

“I just want to tell her, I’m sorry that this happened to her,” Ashcroft said.

And Paterson added: “I mean if it weren’t for COVID, I’d love to just give her a big hug…I want to thank her (for everything she’s done) from the bottom of my heart.”