VANCOUVER -- The time has finally come for a family in Chilliwack, B.C., to bring home their new pet – a puppy born without a paw, meant to be a special companion for a little girl born without hands.

Bright eyed and excited, Ivy and Elena opened the carrier door and came face-to-face with their new best friend, Lucky.

“She’s everything we wanted in a puppy. She’s very sweet and snuggly but she also loves to play,” said Vanessa McLeod.

Like two-year-old Ivy, Lucky was also born with a limb difference.

"Just the paw portion didn’t form,” said McLeod.

Her difference is what makes her the perfect pick to complete the McLeod family.

“It was just really important for me to have a little companion for Ivy that was also different so that she would always know that being different is OK,” said McLeod.

The 10-week-old puppy was named after the Lucky Fin Project, a U.S.-based non-profit organization providing support and resources for kids and adults born with limb differences.

“She does have a lucky fin and Ivy has lucky fins so Lucky just seemed like the perfect name for her.” Said McLeod.

The name was a tribute to an organization McLeod said has been her support system.

“They have just created this huge community that we would not have found otherwise,” said McLeod, adding that they plan to visit the community once the U.S. border reopens.

“(Ivy) will have so many friends that were born just like her,” said McLeod.

Being different hasn’t slowed Ivy down. McLeod saod when she sees her sister Elena do something with her hands, she looks at herself for a moment but then just figures out how to do it in her own way.

And missing a paw hasn’t slowed Lucky down either.

“Like Ivy, whatever she wants to do, she will do it just a little differently.”