Warning: This article contains details that may be disturbing for some readers

A Surrey acupuncturist's registration has been suspended while an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations is underway.

A public notification posted this month by the College of Traditional Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists says it's investigating claims against Jordan Titchener. 

The college said it was told in mid-May of an incident that allegedly happened on Feb. 16, 2022. During a treatment on that day, a patient alleged, "the registrant placed his penis in her hand while she lay face down on the treatment table."

Titchener denies the allegations against him.

At the time of the appointment, Titchener was already under restrictions from a previous consent agreement. Under that arrangement, Titchener had "agreed, among other things, to have a chaperone physically present whenever he had contact with a female patient," the college said.

The notification does not say where the chaperone was at the time of the alleged incident.

Those restrictions were in place pending a disciplinary hearing. That disciplinary hearing, which was followed by an interim order issued about two weeks after the incident in February, ultimately prohibited Titchener from treating female patients.

His history with disciplinary action is part of why he was suspended during the current investigation as the college looks into the allegations.

The college said the interim measure of suspending Titchener's licence was taken because of "the sexual nature of the misconduct arising from that case" and in light of the March order prohibiting from treating women, suggesting if he didn't have a record of similar reports, different actions may have been taken as the investigation unfolds.