A B.C. sex therapist is miffed that his request for a personalized licence plate advertising his profession has been rejected.

Nelson-based Dr. David Hersh wanted his licence plate to read "DR SEX" or "SEX DOC" -- a fun way to show his pride in his job.

"I've got a friend of mine in California who's got a licence plate that says ‘SEXSFUN,'" he told CTV News.

"I'm a sex therapist, and I'm a guy who would just like to have a personalized licence plate about what I do."

But the Insurance Corporation of B.C. told him his request was inappropriate in a letter dated Nov. 3.

"They rejected it flat out," Hersh said. "They said it might be offensive to some people."

According to the insurance provider's website, "ICBC will not issue personalized licence plates that may be interpreted as vulgar, indecent or offensive."

In the letter, ICBC told Hersh that it cannot issue a licence plate that might offend some people, "or that it may distract the drivers of other vehicles."

The letter also says that ICBC has a long-standing policy of rejecting requests for plates that include the word "sex" or make sexual references.

"They're just uncomfortable with the word ‘sex,'" Hersh said. "They're uncomfortable with sexuality. It's morality-driven."

He points out that his neighbour, a dentist, has a personalized plate reading "2TH-DOC." Hersh just wants to be able to advertise his profession in the same way.

"According to the guidelines on the website, I don't think I should have been refused," he said.

"Let's not make a big deal about it: Send me the licence plate."