VANCOUVER -- Old Bob has his pay phone back.

Just days after a member of Parliament in B.C.'s north tweeted about the pay phone at Rosswood General Store, which had been out of service since summer, Telus says the issue has been fixed.

A call to the store in tiny Rosswood, a town north of Terrace where there is no cell service along the highway, confirmed that the phone was repaired Tuesday.

On Saturday, Taylor Bachrach, the NDP MP for Skeena-Bulkley Valley, took to Twitter to ask for 100 retweets to convince Telus to fix the phone.

"Plus," he added, "old Bob misses it."

"Old Bob" is the man who first told Bachrach about the issue in September 2019, during the federal election. The then-candidate met him on the store's front porch and got an earful about the problem with the phone.

Bachrach said he called Telus after that initial conversation, but when he went through the area again on Friday and stopped to check the pay phone, he got nothing but static.

The phone is important because of the lack of cell service along the road. It offers a lifeline - the only one in town - to travellers who run into trouble while passing through the area.

Bachrach's tweet got more than 200 retweets, and a Telus spokesperson told CTV News on Monday that the company appreciated the MP pointing out the problem.

By Tuesday afternoon, the phone had been repaired. Telus described the problem as a "line connection" issue.

With files from CTV News Vancouver's Jen St. Denis