VANCOUVER -- A family is grieving the loss of their young puppy after a dog attack in Surrey earlier this week.

The city’s bylaw department is investigating, but the dogs responsible still have not been found.

The puppy’s owner, Manj, said his wife Susan took their beloved pet to the Kennedy Park off-leash area on 90th Avenue Monday morning. Manj said Susan was heading home with the 7 month-old schnoodle named Odis on a leash, when a woman walking two large dogs came down a nearby path.

“From what she recalls, they were on leashes,” said Manj, who did not want his last name used. “But when they decided to come after our dog, she (the other woman) couldn’t hold onto them and then she ended up falling.”

Manj said the dogs attacked Odis, and dragged him away. He said the other woman got in between them and grabbed the puppy.

“Susan remembers her yelling something to the effect of, ‘this is why I can’t bring you guys here’,” he said.

Manj said the woman then left with the two dogs. His wife took pictures, showing a woman in a grey hoodie and black pants walking with two large dark-coloured dogs. He said someone at the scene even followed the woman into a residential area.

Odis did not survive the encounter.

“The kids are taking it hard, lot of crying at night, crying in their sleep at night,” Manj said. “And wife’s taking it hard, it was her first dog, and (she) had to live through the traumatic experience of seeing what happened.”

Surrey RCMP told CTV they attended the park after the attack on Monday, and saw the puppy that had been killed. They said they also canvassed the area, but there was no sign of the two large dogs.

“It’s only a matter of time before her dogs do this to another dog, or god forbid a child or another person,” Manj said. “We’re hoping by putting this out there as an awareness, that it’ll put some pressure on her and people around her.”

Manj is grateful to the people who stayed to help his wife, and added they had only started bringing Odis to the dog park over the last few weeks.