British Columbia is home to nine distinct geographical wine regions and to more than 10,499 acres of vines.

B.C. makes for a unique wine making destination as the province offers a variety of soils, topography, weather conditions and proximities to water. All of these factors culiminate to create diverse wine making regions and flavours.

The CTV Morning Live crew travelled to the Fraser Valley to Search and Savour the area.

Quaint farm tours, plentiful dining options and memorable wine experiences await there. The Fraser Valley's proximity to Vancouver makes it an easy day trip destination.

It is also quite popular to travel via bike. There are many cycling paths, trails and country roads that can be utilized to venture through this charming part of wine country.

It is a cool wine region where rainfall is high, diurnal temperature is low, and soils are silty yet high in organic matter. There are on average 956 growing degree days.

This means siegerrebe, pinot gris, pinot noir and bacchus are common varietals that thrive. There are about 200 acres planted in the region and there are 25 licensed grape wineries.

During the CTV Morning Live visit, three wineries were toured: Singletree Winery, Township 7 Vineyards and Winery and Vista D'Oro Farms and Winery.

From a pooch-friendly picnic area to enjoy some rosé, to savouring sparkling wine, to a rustic farmhouse, each destination offered its own flavour and feel.

The Fraser Valley offers postcard views for your favourite libations with lush leafy vineyards and a distant mountain backdrop. With so much on offer you may end up wanting to extend your stay.

You can Search and Savour your way through B.C.'s diverse wine-growing regions by visiting You even have the chance to win a three-day, two-night B.C. wine country getaway for two.