If you love to watch your favourite shows on a big screen TV, but you aren't so thrilled about how much space it takes up, or the fact it can be a bit of an eyesore when it's not in use, Samsung may have the answer for you.

It's called The Frame and it comes with more than 100 art options to display when you're not watching television.

You can also choose the matte screen for the artwork display and choose the finish for your frame, which pops on and off. It also comes with a feature to save power too.

“At times where you're not watching television we want to be able to fill that space with some beautiful art and photography. With the sensors that are built into TV, when you walk away after 15 minutes the TV will turn off but then you walk back into the room the art will go back on again.

The 55-inch model costs $2,699 and the 65-inch model will set you back $3,799.