Saanich Police recreated the discovery of the body of a realtor slain while showing a new home Wednesday.

Even realtor Lindsay Buziak's live-in boyfriend, Jason Zailo, was escorted back to the scene this afternoon by police.

Zailo was the one who colleagues say found Lindsay dead in the upscale home on Saturday, dead from multiple stab wounds.

At one point, police appeared to take a videotaped statement from Zailo. Later, he hopped in a white car and drove it to the house.

Meanwhile, one neighbour told CTV News that he walked up to the home Saturday night to see the new furnishings -- but turned away when he saw the lights on.

"The scary thing is that had I gone any further, I could have walked in and the murder could have been there, who knows," said Daryl Clegg.

Meanwhile, Saanich police held a press conference confirming the details of Buziak's death.

"The results of the autopsy revealed that Lindsay died from multiple stab wounds," said Saanich Const. Brad Brajcich.

Police didn't provide any further details, but said they are focusing on the mystery woman who called Lindsay in the days before the murder.

Police said she had a thick foreign accent and wished to be shown properties in the million dollar range.

On Wednesday, Saanich police said a breakthrough may be near in the murder case of realtor Lindsay Buziak.

Const. Brad Brajcich said police are sorting through hundreds of tips after 24-year-old Buziak was found murdered in an upscale Gordon Head home on Saturday.

Investigators say there were two 911 calls made to the home, one asking police to check on the welfare of Buziak, and the second from someone who had just found her body.