A Surrey RCMP officer suffered a broken leg Tuesday night after more than 1,500 Vancouver Canucks fans descended near the Surrey/Delta border to celebrate the Canucks sweep of the St. Louis Blues.

Police say the impromptu gathering happened at 72nd Avenue and Scott Road, southeast of Vancouver. The boisterous and noisy crowd was a mix of intoxicated fans and families who Sgt. Roger Morrow says for the most part were peaceful.

Morrow says one man, who was drunk, tried to incite the crowd and pushed an officer.

"He was arrested for that assault. In the process of that he fell on top of one of our members as well as a number of other people resulting in a leg fracture," said Morrow.

Morrow says the officer may require surgery.

"I think when happens when people come out like that is they're almost looking for an opportunity to just rave -- to be crazy. And it really is disrespect. Disrespect for people, disrespect for property," said sports psychologist Dr. Saul Miller.

In all, three people were arrested and Morrow says Surrey RCMP and Delta Police are mulling an upgraded response to violent fans as the Canucks prepare for the second round of the NHL playoffs.

In Vancouver, police said there were no major incidents.

The Canucks made history last night after winning 3-2 in overtime, sweeping the St. Louis Blues four games straight -- the first time it's happened in club history. The team now has as many as 10 days off before they play their next playoff game.

With reports by CTV British Columbia's Shannon Paterson and St. John Alexander, and with files from The Canadian Press