From stocking up on gas masks and emergency blankets to a four-course gastronomical feast in the ultimate luxury hotel package, Metro Vancouver residents are either in survival mode or determined to go out in style for their last night on earth.

The Mayan calendar ends at midnight Thursday, and businesses are cashing in on the apocalypse fears.  

At the Loden Hotel in Coal Harbour, guests can enjoy its “12-21-12” package. It includes a one night stay in its sumptuous 3,000-square-foot Halo penthouse, breakfast in bed and a 2 p.m. checkout – provided that the earth still exists on Friday.

The package comes complete with a bottle of champagne, an aerial tour of the city, and a London cab ride to Grouse Mountain for a gondola gaze at Mother Nature’s winter splendour.

Then it’s back to the lap of luxury at the Loden's private dining room for a four-course meal gourmet meal.

"This is a perfect way to really experience luxury, great food and of course a beautiful hotel in the most beautiful city in the world,” said Richard Graham, Loden Hotel’s director of sales.  

Starting at $6,500, the package isn’t cheap, but that’s not a big deal if you’re one of the people who believes the world is truly ending.  

But if you believe you’ll endure the end of the world through a combination of wit and survival skills, you’re not going to be spending your money on luxury hotel packages.  

You’re going to be like the customers at Camouflage, the army surplus store on Granville Street, stocking up on the basics of survival – including gas masks, flares, light sticks and portable stoves.  

"Some people actually think there's going to be a zombie apocalypse and the world's going to be filled with zombies trying to kill everybody,” said store owner Baseer Khudayar.

The sale of key survival items has gone up 30 per cent in recent months, he said.

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